Why 5AM Starts are Always Worth It


You know that feeling. The startled, desperate reach for the alarm. Stumbling in the dark, avoiding knocking over your glass of water, hopelessly trying to keep it together as the sound of the alarm penetrates your slumber and you’re thrust into the day before the sun’s even up. Yeah, 5AM starts can suck.

You can paint it in any light you want, but being ripped from the warm confines of your bed into the dark and the unknown is something that I will forever struggle with. You? Well hopefully you’re one of those rare breeds that actually thrives on being up before the sun, bounding out of bed and running around the house to get your gear on as the rest of us struggle with life.

Either way, whether you’re up with ease or fighting with your internal night owl, there is no disputing the fact that getting up and at ’em is always a good idea in the end.


Whatever your poison; be it skis, bikes, hikes, swims, kayaks, yoga, christ even golf if thats what you’re into, there’s something to be said for kick starting your day and being alive to greet the sun.

Sinking in the energy of the magic hour before the sun is fully risen, before the world is awake and the machines start churning. Feeling the light pierce your early eyes and it’s warmth vibrate on your chilled skin. Watching the sky turn orange and yellow as the birds wake and the river seems to run a little quicker. Seizing the day and starting it with adventure. You practically bound into the office at 8AM.

That’s why 5AM starts are always worth it.

Photos: Sara Lindström in Wanaka, New Zealand.

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