June 21

The Daisy Daily is a new start and new challenge. It is the daily murmurings of Daisy - on life, creativity and most importantly learning.

Following a bad head trauma, i've become, most annoyingly, a potato. It might sound funny, but if you haven't experienced a concussion before, you cannot really imagine how helpless and frustrated and vulnerable you can feel as you work your way through the motions, So imagine..

As a full-time creative, writer and marketer, i'm used to having my head run at 100mph 24/7. I work fast, I work hard, I maximise every minute of the day - yoga when I wake, the gym at lunchtime, riding bikes in the evening. Every minute is spent doing (even when doing involves slowing through meditation). I have an overactive imagination; always planning my next adventure, move or the steps towards realising my personal legend (cue Paulo Coelho). I'm constantly adapting to new thoughts, experiences and what I believe is, quite simply, magic - although if you want to be fancy about it, you could call it sychronocity.

I'm so used to using my brain at 120% that I almost took it for granted. Suddenly I can't process words in the same way, my thoughts go round in circles and I blank out when I'm trying to concentrate for any length of time. What's wrong with me? When will I snap out of it? The easy answer: Nobody knows.

Recovering from a concussion is in someway similar to creativity - it's all in the process. You have to let yourself be, keep track of your daily habits and constantly recalibrate on what you can manage and what is too much. Recognising this, and  my current lack of brain cells, has made me acutely aware of using my creative energy for the things I love to do. And most notably, that is writing,

So, after being inspired by a movement called #the100dayproject, I'm going to write something every day for 100 days. I'm not really sure what to expect, what i'll write or what its purpose will be. It might not always be good and it might not always be interesting., But it'll be here.

<<<<< Watch this space >>>>>