In Review: Snowhoes Park Day


Yesterday was the Snowhoes Girl’s Park Day at Tignes Park, and it could not have gone any better! Aside from our amazing team of Snowhoes, we were truly grateful and touched by all the help and support we received from friends in the form of coaches, photographers, filmers and hospitality.

The aim of the day, as with all Snowhoes events, was to spread the stoke in women’s action sports, encourage progression in pressure free environments, as well as simply making friends and riding buddies who share similar passions! And I think I speak for everyone involved when I say we accomplished all of those things!

We were amazed by the turn out (around 70 girls - and guys!!) that came purely to ride together and have fun in the sun; and there was a great buzz of excitement in the park. Some of the guys even turned up with wigs and Hawaiian shirts just for the occasion, and really helped take the pressure off for those girls nervous about having their first crack at freestyle. 

The day started out with an informal registration and a few park laps to warm up, followed by small groups going off with coaches to hit features and get a few tips and pointers. One of the things I felt most proud about was helping a group of girls try skiing switch and hit their first box of the season, some nailing it enough to turn 90degrees! Aside from the physical side, it was really great to see people who’d never met before form friendships and help each other out on the features. We even had a little jam session on one of the kickers, giving out “treats for tricks” and giving away our Snowhoes limited wax that BUTTA kindly donated.

After a full day of sun and fun on the hill, we all headed down to Brassero in Lavachet for a stella BBQ deal and free punch for Snowhoes provided by “power couple” Jamie and Morgan! Along with a huge prize giving from our amazing sponsors, tunes blasting from DJ Kommissar and a shout out to all the coaches and people who helped make it happen, the event was a massive success!!


Redefining Success

Snowhoes Girls Park Day in Tignes, France