IF3: International Freeski Film Festival, London

This year, Snowhoes went to the London stop of IF3 (for those of you who don’t know that’s the International Freeski Festival) and took our beautiful community with us (check the pretty picture up there!). 

Our stand received amazing support from both girls and guys a like, for providing a community platform that celebrates and encourages women in action sports. Going forward we’re looking to do more events both within and outside snowsports, in order to spread the stoke and help give girls confidence to do whatever the hell they want to! 

As well as having a good old chin wag, we got to view some of the freshest freeski talent around on the big screen, with the likes of UK’s Mikey Rowlands taking centre stage along side household names such as Andy Parry. After watching the films - including Red Bull’s Legs of Steel film Passenger, in which some of the athletes were wearing O’Neill designs I worked on during my internship, STOKED - and consuming some beverages; the chairs were replaced by beer pong tables, the lights went down and boogying was done by many! The night escalated pretty quickly, and soon we misplaced a Line Travelling Circus skier on our night bus home. Here’s to next year…..

PS. Check out Twig’s version of events for newschoolers.com here: https://www.newschoolers.com/news/read/IF3-London-Fun-Big-Smoke

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Soulful Travel in Indonesia

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