The Reason X Mountain Mavericks: Portes du Soleil

pepsi max

After clocking some serious miles on a 24 hour mission to Chamonix Mont-Blanc the day previous, the last thing I felt like doing was going on another big touring trip out in the Portes du Soleil backcountry. But, egged on by the fact the boys were doing it (I know - shamelessly feminist) I knew there was zero chance of ducking out on a case of being tired.

Before I knew it I was clambering up a famous ridge, nicknamed by locals as the Pepsi Max, with skis on back, crampons on feet and a 12 strong group of men. Tethered together as we careful teetered on the ridge with significant drops either side, I was definitely awake now!

Reaching the summit of our climb, we headed for fresh lines, a solid Carrefour lunch and a cheeky connecting lift to the top of Fornet, Avoriaz, before touring off into the backcountry with our hearts and minds firmly set on reaching our shelter for the evening before night fell.

More successful than a previous mission to the area of Refuge du Bostan (in which our team of 6 got lost in the moonlight and frantically searched for somewhere to rest our weary heads), we made the hut in the light, happy to find a hot dinner and ranging fire; Absolute luxury in my experience of refuge overnighters. Oh.. and did I mention the crocs on arrival? The very latest in style and function.

Absolutely exhausted from two heavy days of touring, the Refuge du Bostan our basic skinny single bunk bed mattresses were beyond welcome. Never has such a deep sleep been had by any girl in a strange open bunk bed system with 9 men - not as seedy as it sounds, promise! Ha!

Up bright and early, we scouted locations and got shots for The Reason Magazine for the next few hours, before starting the now ardeous task of getting back to Morzine with our legs still attached! By some miracle, and now accompanied by a severe groin strain, we made it back to Morzine in one, very ripe smelling piece.

I think the images from both The Reason X Mountain Mavericks trips speak for themselves! Epic missions with a bunch of good people and good times. I've been so stoked on touring adventures this Winter, and looking forward to more excursions in the Southern Hemisphere this coming winter as I set off on another big adventure of my own - working for Mons Royale in Wanaka, NZ!

Photos: Sam Ingles. See full gallery here in PHOTOSHOOTS. 

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