The 9-5

So today I start a new chapter of my career, and life. I’m moving away from the freedom of freelance work in the mountains and backpacking through Indonesia, and entering the “real world” of the dreaded 9-5. Somewhat nervous to whether this scenario is something I will enjoy, I’m genuinely excited that I will be the new Marketing Assistant and Social Executive for UK retailers Snow+Rock, Runner’s Need and Cycle Surgery. I’m really stoked to work across a variety of outdoor/sport lifestyle brands and gain more knowledge about the more unfamiliar industries of cycle and run, but also explore and become more involved in my prime interest which is snowsports. I hope to learn a lot about the UK retail industry, pick up new skills and experience whilst getting to be involved in trade shows, brand content and link ups, events and content writing. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

IF3: International Freeski Film Festival, London

Overstoke Festival: A UK Summer Freeski Festival