Snow+Rocks Wintersports Photoshoot in the French Alps


After a hectic coupla weeks in Morzine, France, i'm back down to reality and ready to wind down. I've spent the last two weeks helping with the production and product coordination of the the Snow+Rock Winter shoot for their catalogue and content assets. 

Throughout the shoot, I was the Head of Creative's right hand man. Coordinating all of the product to be shot, but also helping with locations, production and general organisation of each day. I really enjoyed the shoot (despite the stress and headache of the weather!), and it's definitely made me even more keen to get involved with photoshoot production, especially those of winter sports.

Arriving to a not so white Morzine ahead of the team was just short of a full blown horror story.... we're going to do a winter shoot, in the not so high Morzine, in April. We must be mad. Fortunately the tops were still white (just) and when the head honcho turned up myself and the Mountain Mavericks team who were our local guides and accommodation legends, put on a brave face and said we'll make it work.

The first day we spent shooting in the park, in near enough rain first thing, but somehow it came off and the weather actually gave the images a cool urban vibe not typical of the bright bluebird images every single retailer seems to produce. Second day in and we're all set for the heli shoot, except the fog is so thick in the valley the pilots cannot take off. Unfortunately the story seems to be the same everywhere we desperately contact, until Les Arcs based Mont Blanc Helicopters say we might just get a window in the afternoon. Frantically we set off on the 3 hour drive, praying it will be clear when we arrive! We get lucky, and find a tiny window of weather for the shoot. Not only that, but yours truly is asked to go up as one of the snowboard models - stoked! 

After a few more days shooting lifestyle, one of our photographers leave us and another one joins, and we get lucky with a little sprinkling of the white stuff - Morzine is Narnia once more! We power on through the start of the second week with the less than ideal conditions; the sprinkling soon melting, and the cloud sitting ominously in the valley. We get absolutely soaked in the rain now falling on the slopes, but somehow manage to find some epic off-piste spots with the guidance of Mountain Mavericks founder and serious dude, Olly. After a long day up the mountain we head back to dry our sodden clothes and search deep for brighter spirits. 

It's the second to last day and yet again the cloud is sat in the valley; theres only one thing for it and I lead our team to the highest point, Col d'Fornet, hoping to get above the cloud. Miraculously, my mountain intuition is right and we arrive to clear blue skies and a good amount of fresh powder - totally untouched as we're first up the hill. Result!! We shoot all day, super stoked on the conditions, and i'm back snowboarding, absolutely loving it.

We wrap with a final day shooting kids - patience tested and again wet from the rain - relieved it's done and we've got the shots we needed!!



Over and Out, Signing off after Snow+Rock

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